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Who is The Barrington Area United Way?

BAUW is a locally owned, locally operated, volunteer-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting quality health and human service programs that make our community a stronger, better place. BAUW partners and collaborates with local agencies, organizations, civic groups and local government to find lasting solutions to the highest priority problems in our community. 

Your BAUW focuses on the areas of Education, Income, and Health. We are also committed to supporting programs and initiatives that help meet basic needs such as food and safe housing.  

BAUW assumes the responsibility of fund raising for our agencies, so then can devote more of their resources on providing the programs which meet the needs of Barrington residents.

A full 100% of the funds allocated to our agencies are used to provide services to residents within the Barrington CUSD 220 boundaries.  The money raised here stays here.

What makes United Way different?

Your BAUW is a leader and catalyst for change in Barrington. We look for dynamic ways to respond to problems that no single agency, donor, volunteer, or sector of the community can do alone. Community volunteers determine how BAUW contributions are invested into the community to make the biggest difference possible and address the highest priority needs.

Why should I donate?

Your donation is a personal investment in our community, enabling your BAUW to address the underlying causes of our community's most critical issues. Through BAUW, your dollars will be leveraged to effectively address long-term and short-term community needs. Gifts to your BAUW continue to help people every day in Barrington.

How are funding decisions made?

Contributing directly to Barrington Area United Way as opposed to designating to an individual charity truly increases your power to create change. Through the allocations process funding decisions are made after an extensive volunteer-led review. Local nonprofit health and human service agencies participate in a competitive grant process and submit program specific funding requests. Volunteers review all funding requests, the program itself, collaborations, budget requirements and more; then they look at community needs and specific projects identified by the Board of Directors, and the Healthier Barrington Coalition community survey.

Volunteers spend time analyzing each program in order to make the best decision on funding. The entire process includes many man-hours that would not be possible without a strong commitment to Community Impact from our community.  Agencies receiving funding through the allocations process meet strict standards of accountability and are required to report quarterly on the efficiency of their programs and how they are meeting their goals.

Why not give directly to an agency?

Your BAUW helps support a network of local health and human service programs that address community needs in a cooperative and collaborative manner. BAUW raises funds for area programs that focus on improving the quality of life in Barrington and address critical needs in Education, Income, and Health.

Your BAUW's fundraising efforts allow area agencies to focus more time on their primary purpose: helping people.

A gift to BAUW is leveraged to its full potential to address the most pressing needs in our community and to support the most effective and efficient solutions to community problems. Some individuals do prefer to give directly to a particular agency. Donors are encouraged to review their choices carefully to ensure they are truly making the investment they intend.  The allocations process is a very good choice for most donors.

What is your Barrington Area United Way's relationship with United Way Worldwide?

Your BAUW is separate and independent of UWW, our member association.  Each year, UWW provides valuable support and educational opportunities to all United Ways. Our membership is 1% of our overall budget, which is outweighed by the key services received, and the support provided by UWW.  The United Way network permits non-local donors to give directly to the Barrington Area United Way through national and local corporate campaigns from across all of North America.

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You can also make a donation by sending a check directly to our office at:

PO Box 733, 200 S. Hough St. Barrington, IL 60011


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